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Phoenix Stair Inc. is ready and willing to accept most any inquiry for our services and will respond with a no cost estimate. Whether you’re looking to improve your profit margin through our design-assist experience on an enormous project, or you’re just shopping for a solution to your custom fabrication needs, we’re here to help. With our state of the art facility and our experienced technical staff, we provide a wide array of products and service options to suit your needs.

Below is just a snapshot of some of our stair and rail options, as well as additional extras we can provide. If you don’t see something specific below or just want to know more, please click the “Contact Us” tab above and we would be happy to help find a solution for your unique requirements.

Stringer Options

12” Plate: 3/16”-1”

Our most common and cost effective solution for most applications. You might be surprised how rigid a plate stair can be when built correctly.

Channel: C10x15.3-C15.42.7

For more stringent design or loading standards we can build upon almost any kind of channel necessary to meet your loading criteria.

Tube: HSS 12”x2”-12”x4”

For some more aesthetically pleasing stair designs we offer a single or double tube stringer option.

Tread Options

Concrete Pan

Formed sheet steel from 14 gage to ¼” to receive concrete fill. Concrete is suitable for most indoor and outdoor applications and provides an even, stable walking surface.

Grating Treads

Sizes/Styles vary, Popular for industrial applications, grating can provide a functional and durable walking surface.

Diamond Plate

Formed sheet steel from 14 gage to ¼”, An inexpensive and effective tread, can be coated with non-slip surface to provide even more slip-resistance.

Smooth Pan

Formed sheet steel from 14 gage to ¼”, usually designed to be covered with tile, wood, or other flooring, can also be coated with non-slip surface to provide even more slip-resistance.

Rail Options

Industrial Rail

OSHA Compliant. Usually 2 horizontal lines with or without a kick plate depending on the application. Typically made from jig-formed pipe or tube. Can be designed as removable.

Line Rail

Our typical rail is a 7 Line 42” Guardrail with a continuous handrail. It typically consists of 13 gage horizontal members with 11 gage offset square posts. Multiple sizes/options available.

Mesh Rail

A clean, increasingly common modern design rail that can be made from many styles/sizes of woven or welded wire mesh.

Picket Rail

Our standard picket rail consists of top and bottom 13 gage tubes with ½” square vertical pickets between, running along-side a continuous tube handrail. Multiple sizes/options availableslip-resistance.

Stainless Steel

Phoenix Stair can work with your stainless steel design requests as well. From rust-proof handrails, to entirely stainless guardrails, we can build it all.

Stainless Steel Cable

Popular for aesthetics and fall protection, a very pleasing but costly rail option. Typically made with 3/16” cable strung between tube posts.

Custom Rail

Whether your job calls for a simple system style we design, or a custom consortium of materials we can help you design, and build it. Our plasma table can cut your logo into railing panels for a clean, branded appearance.

Finish Options

Red Oxide Primer

Our standard primer for most applications. Provides great rust resistance while compatible with most top coats.


Typically for exterior applications, galvanizing greatly improves steel’s ability to defend against rust and corrosion.

Epoxy Topcoat

For extreme conditions, or sun-beaten applications we provide our 2 Stage epoxy paint system for great resistance to sun damage and unequaled functionality.

Latex Topcoat

Commonly used for indoor applications, latex provides an inexpensive way to bring color to your project.

Powder Coating

A tough, good-looking coating suitable for most applications. Powder coating is very rugged and reliable, while at the same time providing exponential color options.


No matter your job requirements we will work with you and our suppliers to get you the exact finish your job requires in a fashion that meets, but often exceeds those requirements.

Extras We Provide

We have the ability to produce a wide range of custom made steel products from our shop, ranging from heavy-duty custom tools, to exquisite tables and distinct home furnishings. Find the “Contact Us” tab at the top of the page and send a request to see how we can make your invention or your unique idea, a reality.


Our on-staff detailers will get your job done right, and in time to meet even the most absurd scheduling requirements


Our engineering firm is certified to do work in 49 states and quick and effective at reviewing and approving our jobs for safety.


We partnered with some premier trucking companies to be sure we can always provide a safe and cost effective means of transporting your products to the jobsite on-time.


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